Physics 12

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Physics IRP's

Physics 12

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Skills and Methods Of Physics


Vectors Learning Goals

Vector Methods PPT  



Projectiles Worksheet #1

Projectile Example From Class


 New sept 30/2010

Projectile Simulation

Oct 5th/09

 Oct 23rd

 Oct 23rd

Static Equilibrium Learning Link

 Nov 22/09

 Another Static Equilibrium Link

  Nov 22/09
 Dec 7

Torque Worksheet #2

Dec 7

Torque Worksheet #2 Ans Key

Dec 7

Torque Extra Practice Worksheet

Dec 7s

Torque Extra Practice Ans Key


Torque Worksheet 3 Key

Answers to text book questions

Jan 5 2010

Answers to Worksheet from class ( "Torque Problems")

Jan 5 2010

Momentum: a useful Link

Jan 8 2010

Momentum Lesson 1

Jan 8 2010

Momentum Lesson 2

Gravitation PPT

March 5

Gravitation Answer keys

Static Electricity

Good link to notes on Electric Potential

Induction and Faraday's Law