Physics 11

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Physics Learning Goals

Physics 11

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Skills and Methods Of Physics


Metric Units

Base Units and Prefixes (reference sheet)




Or try this one... Graph paper II
Lab Information

Learning Goal 1: Wave Motion and Geometric Optics

Learning Goals

 New Sept 23 09
 New Sept 23 09
 Oct 1/09

Lesson 3 Worksheet

 Oct 1/09

Waves Lesson 4


Transverse Wave Interference Simulation

Oct 7 2009
 Oct 15

Learning Goal B2


Wave lesson 6

Oct 16th

Wave Lesson 7

Oct 21st

Note: you should look up learning goal 3B for lesson 8...

Wave Lesson 8  Refraction

Nov 9/09

Lesson 9 Total Internal Reflection

Nov 17/09

Lesson 10 Lenses

Nov 29/09

Nuclear Physics 1

Welcome to Kinematics

Learning Goal C1

Jan 4 2010

Kinematics Powerpoint 1

Jan 6 2010


Learning goals for Forces (Dynamics)

Force of Gravity

Newtons Laws Worksheet answers


Momentum and Impulse

Learning Goals

April 5 2010

Momentum Powerpoint lesson

Answers to Worksheet Q 1- 15

April 8 2010

Work, Energy and Power

Work and Energy Powerpoint

May 4 2010

Energy Worksheet Key

May 4 2010

Physics Links:

Good Lens summary!


An introduction to Kinematics (gr11)