PIC Units

The microcontroller has changed the face of Electronics. At Cambie we use the PIC microcontroller which I first learned about from Ian Mathie and Paul Wytenbroek (BCIT). The designed and built the T-Pic boards which we use in our lab. Since then they have been really helpful in getting me out of trouble when I cant figure stuff out. The lessons I developed below are based on Labs written by them. Thanks for making them available.

Getting started with the PIC PowerPoint lesson

Microcontrollers: An Introduction more detailed info

How to Program the PIC PowerPoint lesson

Introducing PIC Basic a PowerPoint lesson

PIC basic Commands my simplified list of common Basic Instructions

Using and Understanding Binary Numbers PowerPoint lesson

Using Flowcharts PowerPoint lesson

Flowchart Guidelines

For...Next Loop PowerPoint lesson

Using Subroutines PowerPoint lesson

IR Control with the PIC using a TV remote